Georgia Association of Schools for Exceptional Chhildren
The Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children
Code of Ethics

GAPSEC members believe that the organization serves to preserve the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles in their admissions, organizational, operational, and business policies.  The ethical responsibilities of each member institution require that the welfare of the persons served by the school be considered paramount:

  1. Member schools will maintain written information, student and employee handbooks, and policies that address the school’s mission, commitment and specific programs designed to serve students with learning disabilities, issues, and differences.  The school must either have as its overall objective to serve the population specified or have a distinct special program within the school coordinated by a qualified individual. 
  2. Member schools shall be fully accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the State of Georgia, preferably SACS, SAIS, or GAC.
  3. Member schools shall employ as teachers and administrators degreed employees whose experience or degrees indicate qualifications to design and administer programs for the respective student population served;
  4. Member schools shall follow acceptable patterns of professional conduct in relations with their clientele; 
  5. Since education is not an exact science and there are numerous uncontrollable variables, a member school must not guarantee results or make false claims whether expressed, implied, or written in its literature, advertisements, and statements to parents; 
  6. A member school will not knowingly initiate attempts to bring about the transfer or accept a student from another member school without formally requesting from the student’s former school official academic and conduct records; 
  7. Member schools shall not accept nor give gifts, fees, or other forms of gratuity for admissions referrals; 
  8. Member schools will maintain the professional confidentiality of school records;
  9. Member schools will give evidence of providing multi-sensory and differentiated instruction, learning accommodations, and evaluations normally associated with and accepted as pedagogically standard. 

Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children
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